Invoice and Estimate Shortcode Embeds

Embeds are intentionally simple:

  1. Find the invoice_id (aka post_id)
  2. Add the appropriate shortcode (invoice or estimate) with the id attribute.
  3. Publish your page (or post).

The shortcodes:

sprout_invoice sprout_estimate

Below is an example of an invoice embed on a standard WordPress page template. The invoice_id (AKA post_id) in this example is “13783.” It is added to the id attribute of the shortcode. 

[sprout_estimate id="13783"]

Invoice Embeded into Page


If you leave the idattribute out of the shortcode, nothing will show; however, leaving it blank will allow for an invoice to be viewable based on a query argument in the URL. For example:

[sprout_estimate] is used on the page.

The URL would load the same invoice shown above.

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