WP E-Signature Integration

This  WP E-Signature integration is available to Business license holders only[ref]A WP E-Signature Business license is also required since the Stand Alone documents add-on is needed.[/ref].

How it works:

  1. A "Stand Alone Document" from WP E-Signature is selected as a required agreement for the client to sign.
  2. The client is shown that a signature is required and they are redirected to the document to review, input their contact info, and digitally sign.
  3. After the client signs they are redirected back to the invoice where they're able to review their signature or pay.

Steps 2 and 3 are shown below:


Invoices and Estimates can have a global document selected that will require all future invoices/estimates to be signed by your clients.

global options

Invoices and Estimates can also be individually customized so that only a custom agreement can be used.



There's currently a bug with WP e-signature that is hiding the integration add-on on the plugins list. 

We've seen this issue a couple times now and we're working with ApproveMe on the fix. The WP e-signature is improperly hiding the add-on on the plugins list page, I don't know why or how at this point, but the solution is rather simple:

  1. Deactivate the WP e-signature plugin
  2. Activate the Sprout Invoices ApproveMe integration add-on
  3. Re-activate the WP e-signature plugin 

Here are some instructions on how things work:

If you have any specific questions let support know. 

The keys to setting things up are:

  • Activate the Stand Alone add-on that wp e-signature provides
  • Create a Stand Alone Doc
  • Assign the Stand Alone Doc to your Invoices/Estimates from the settings page, or individual admin page
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