Ninja Forms Integration

Ninja Forms is one of the easiest tools to create advanced forms for your WordPress site. The Sprout Invoices integration allows you to build an easy solution to create super-rad invoices and estimates based on the client’s form selections.

Step One: Make sure you have the Ninja Forms plugin AND the Ninja Forms + Sprout Invoices integration plugin installed and activated. 

Step Two: Go to Ninja Forms>Choose your form>Emails & Actions>Blue Plus Sign>Create Estimate or Invoice.

Step Three: Essentially what will be doing here is teaching Sprout Invoices how to communicate with Ninja Forms. We will be showing Sprout Invoices how to recognize certain fields so it can use the information submitted on your form. Run through the fields and match them with the fields on your existing form. You can be as specific or generic as you want.

Step Four: Click "Preview changes" to see your hard-work in action. Input the info and click "submit". You should be redirected to your newly-created estimate. Cool!

Step Five: Return to your WordPress admin to see that a new client has been automatically created as well as a new estimate. Enjoy!

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