The Reports Dashboard links to the many reports that Sprout Invoices provides – don’t miss out on them. 

Dashboard - The dashboard is the place to get a quick status overview to see what was recently updated, what’s currently overdue or unpaid, and other important information about your business. 

reports dashboard
Some data shown is cached up to 48 hours to speed up responsiveness.


Reports - Reports have advanced filtering and are highly customizable. All data is dynamically updated without reloading.

Data filtering is available and can be used to retrieve date in-between two dates, after a date, or before a date.

Modify columns within the table with the “Show/hide columns” button.

Export the table, filtered or not, to many formats, including CSV, Excel, PDF or your computers clipboard.
Records are limited to 2,500 items. If you want to return more use the 'si_reports_show_records' filter.

FAQs and Fixes:

Invoice Dashboard (or another dashboard) isn't showing the correct values? 

You can reset the cached report values by adding "&reports_refresh_cache=1" to the end of the reports url. For example,

Invoices are missing from the Outstanding & Overdue area? Check to make sure your invoices do not have a “Temp” status. The “Temp” status is similar to a draft and will not show up in reports or queried reports/areas.

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