Payment Admin

Payments Admin

The payments admin is found under the Invoice tab within the admin.

Payment status:

  • Pending - the payment could be waiting for admin approval or waiting for the payment processor.
  • Authorized - a payment status set for signifying that the payment was authorized by the processor and a capture of the payment will be attempted later.
  • Void - payment was voided by the admin or declined by the payment processor after it was authorized or pending.

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 5.40.12 PM

The payment totals are current and are not at the moment of the payment.

The payment type is shown under the Data column.

Information on Hover:

Void Payment - Allows you to void a payment and add a note that will be added to the Transaction Data.

Transaction Data - Used to troubleshoot a payment, this is the raw data stored by a payment processor.

Invoice and Client - A link to the associated invoice and client edit pages.

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