How to Use Code Snippets

Code snippets can be used to customize your Sprout Apps purchases.

The first way to use code snippets is by connecting to your site via FTP and then locate your theme’s functions.php file. This would typically be in wp-content>themes>name-of-your-theme folder. Once you’ve found it, you can download it to you computer. Before you edit it however, you want to make a copy for backup purposes in case you break something. You will need something like Xcode that can read .php files. Once here, you can drop your short code into the .php file. Now, you need to upload the newly-edited file back to your site. Drag and drop back where you found it.

The other way to use code snippets is much easier! There is a plugin called Code Snippets that you can install directly to your site. Head to your plugins tabs, click “add new”, then enter “code snippets” in the search box. Go ahead and download and activate.

From here, you should have a “Snippets” tab in your sidebar. Click there and go to “add new”. Enter a title for your snippet, copy and paste the short code, and then add a description. Save changes and activate. 

If you’re not sure how WordPress actions and filters work, checkout  this wiki. They’re super powerful and help Sprout Invoices be fully customizable.

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