Project Panorama Integration

Read more about the integration on the  add-on page

Version 1.0 of the integration with Project Panorama associates Sprout Invoices' project records with the project records that are created via PSP.

Before starting you will need the latest versions of Project Panorama, Sprout Invoices, and this  add-on installed and activated.

1) Create a Sprout Invoices project

You can learn more about  Sprout Invoices' projects here.

2) Assign your SI project within your Project Panorama

A new meta box is added to your projects page when creating a new PSP project. Shown below is how you can select a Sprout Invoices project to associate.

That's really it since the next steps are things you may have already done, or default behavior.

3) Assign your invoices and estimates to an (SI) Project

This is something you should be doing already if you have been using projects.

After you'll see some new information added to your SI project admins.

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