Toggl Integration

How to setup:

It's rather simple. Enter your API key, save the settings, and then select the Toggl Workspace.

How to use:

  • Enter your time within Toggl and import your time from your project's admin.
  • Send time to Toggl automatically when a new time is created within Sprout Invoices.

Integration Details

  • Projects created within Sprout Invoices can be instantly created at Toggl.
  • Time logged within Sprout Invoices can be instantly created at Toggl.
  • Time logged at Toggl can be imported into the associated Sprout Invoice project.
  • Imported time will allow for an assigned activity.

Example below shows the creation of a new project within Sprout Invoices:

Create a project in Srout Invoices and Toggl

...and the project instantly created within Toggl:

Project is automatically created

Time logged within Toggl...

Log time with toggl

...can be imported to the Sprout Invoices project.

Time imported from togle with activity selection

Finally time logged in Sprout Invoices can be instantly added to Toggl...

Time added automatically

Note: If you're not familiar with how easy it is to create invoices from your tracked time, from Toggl or not, checkout the documentation.

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