Create and Send Your First Invoice

  1. In your WordPress Dashboard, hover over the Invoices menu option on the left side toolbar and click Add Invoice
  2. Under Add New Invoice, fill out the following:
    1. Input a Title of your choice
    2. Click the + Add button to add custom line items to the invoice and select accordingly (Task, Service, Product, )
      Use the Saved Items drop-down menu instead to add pre-defined line items to invoices
      1. Input text for the newly added line-item (ie, product or service to be billed) 
      2. Set the SKU, Price, and Qty fields for the line-term 
      3. Click Save
        TIP: Click Save after every new line-item is added!
    3. Scroll down to the Invoice Information section
      1. Select Edit next to the Due by field and set the appropriate due date
        1. Click OK when finished
      2. Select Edit next to the Invoice for Client field
        1. Use the drop-down menu to select an existing client or the blue "+" sign to create a new client
          1. If creating a new client, fill out the client details pop-up window with as much information as able and click Save
            TIP: Having a client already created or creating one allows an invoice to be mapped to a user
      3. Scroll down to the Send Invoice section
        1. Review the Sender field for accuracy
        2. Review the recipient's field for accuracy
        3. Check the Send me a copy box if wanted
        4. Input any relevant notes for the client receiving the invoice
  3. Click Send Invoice
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